Three Steps to Innovation – When The Emperor Has No Clothes

BlogThree Steps to Innovation – When The Emperor Has No Clothes

Three Steps to Innovation – When The Emperor Has No Clothes

The “Emperor has no clothes” strikes a chord, because it so aptly points out our human failings. Societal norms and group think effectively  make us fearful from speaking out. We want to fit in. But innovators are different. The very nature of innovation is to change. If you don’t speak out, then nothing changes. As the story tells us, we must find the child in ourselves and speak our mind. “Hey that man. He has no clothes!”

Even with new products, services and and new ways of doing business, we must often speak our mind. Here are three things you can do to drive innovation.

  1. Just Stop, Look and Think
    • If you don’t Stop and Look you won’t even see anything wrong. You’ll think it is normal to have a naked emperor.
    • Thinking is the most inexpensive thing you can do. You avoid costly mistakes.
    • Shouting “The Emperor has No Shoes!” does not have the same impact.
  2. Ideas are Cheap
    • Talk is cheap and so are ideas; if you don’t talk about your idea, it just doesn’t matter.
    • Everyone else is thinking the same thing. It’s obvious the emperor has no clothes. Who will talk first?
  3. Finally, Do Something
    • Speak out and let the world know. Build it. Share it.
    • You might not get it right the first time. Your voice might be timid. But with conviction you can be heard.
    • “The Emperor is Wearing a Broken Invisibility Cloak!”

* Image of Emperor Angelfish

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