Social Networks: Does size matter?

BlogSocial Networks: Does size matter?

Social Networks: Does size matter?

FootPrintEverywhere you look there’s a social network. FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, garner the most attention. People hype size. Internet pundits, marketers and especially those focused on search engine optimization (SEO) are constantly comparing the number or users and followers.  But does size matter? Consider all the real life clubs, fraternities, churches, non-profits and alumni associations (and the list goes on and on) like the Rotary club  and Elks club.  Are they less important because they are smaller? Isn’t it about relationships and connections – others that you help and will help you back?

Consider your son or daughter (or when you were a child.)  Could you imagine being on a really really big 100 person soccer team? It would be ridiculous.  Value is created in small intimate relationships.  This fascination with social network size is equally ridiculous.  Consider next time you are pondering the size of you social network – does size matter?



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