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Looking to grow you startup? Need some pointers? Then just watch Dan Martell in his new video 5 Components of Extreme Revenue Growth where he recaps Victor Cheng’s book Extreme Revenue Growth: Startup Secrets to Growing Your Sales from $1 Million to $25 Million in Any Industry

Here’s my interpretation of the five things:

  • Target A Customer
    • Target a customer that is in pain and knows that they have pain; don’t chase someone that is not in pain or oblivious that they have a problem.
  • Make a Promise to the Customer
    • Ensure you create a promise to the Customer (the ones in pain)  and deliver a clear message as to why you can solve their pain.
  • Leverage Distribution Channels
    • Building your own path to each and every customer takes time and money;  A great win-win solution is to find great partners that already have customer intimacy with your target customers; Your great product (that solves your customers’ pain) gets into their hands faster and quicker.
  • Fulfill your Promise
    • Make sure that your product fulfills the promise you made to your customer.
    • Remember that both Make a promise and Fulfilling a promise are needed.  If you don’t know what pain you are solving how can you build it.
  • Build a Sustainable Competitive Advantage.
    •  Consider both Physical and Intangible advantages.
    • Physical might be a large sales team, many offices, engineering expertise, customer service….its anything that would take time and money to copy or duplicate.
    • Intangible advantages include brand, partnerships and relationships,  intellectual property including patents, trade secrets, copyrights & trademarks

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